Zikr1 lite Tasbih Smart Ring - The "Black Technology" of Smart Rings

Zikr1 lite Tasbih Smart Ring - The "Black Technology" of Smart Rings

Zikr 1 lite is a colorful Muslim tasbih fashion ring launched by Umeox iQibla, which has attracted wide attention from the industry and consumers once it was launched.

What "black technology" is hidden in this new generation of zikr ring that is so popular?

Zikr1 lite has two core functions, prayer time reminder and Tasbih smart counting, and keeps the weight at 7.7 grams for a senseless wear. As soon as it reaches 33, 66, 99 and 100, the ring will vibrate to remind the user to recite the prayer silently in his heart.

Zikr1 lite has sold more than 2 million units in the past six months since its launch, gaining the love of consumers. iQIBLA will continue to launch more smart products for Muslim life in the future, so let's wait and see.


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Slm.. how do I keep records of multiple zikrs on my iqibla zikr ring please


give us your zikr ring bluetooth address on the app



Alhamdulillah i am one of your user of zikr1 light…

May i know how to unbond the ring for the app in my phone.

Thank you


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