iQibla Watch (Silicone Strap)

iQibla Watch (Silicone Strap)

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  • Accurate Qibla Compass
    Animated and accurate Qibla compass and built-in GPS provide a clear map to show you the direction to Kaaba and make sure that you can pray from anywhere worldwide.

    Muslim Prayer Times
    With built-in GPS positioning system, Qibla Watch shows accurate prayer times based on your current location and timezone with multiple settings available (including angles) and don't need to worry about missing pray times any more wherever you are. When prayer time is near, the watch will count down and give you notification with vibration. Further more, prayer times set can be automatically changed according to the methods of your own muslim sect chosen by yourself.

    Islamic Calendar
    Besides Gregorian calendar, complete Muslim Hijri calendar is also displayed in the watch to show you holy dates such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

    Tasbeeh Counter
    Use the tasbeeh counter on Qibla Watch, you can easily count the times you make tasbeeh.

    Heart Rate Monitoring
    Equipped with high-performance optical heart rate sensor, Qibla Watch monitors your heart rate whenever you want. Gives you a view of your heart rate zone and notifies you when abnormal signs occur. Then you have a prior knowledge of your health.

    Sleep Monitoring
    Getting a suitable amount of sleep is much important for our health. Combining accelerometer sensor with heart rate sensor, Qibla Watch features a 24-hour precision sleep monitoring function, which can accurately monitor the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep), track the bed time, sleep duration and waking up time, to provide you with a clear view of sleep quality for improvement based on a night of sleep.

    Sports Tracking
    Qibla Watch tracks your daily sports data, like steps and calories burnt, then you have a full knowledge of your daily activities and improve yourself day by day.

    Smart Message Notifications
    With built-in bluetooth module, Qibla Watch can be connected to your phone conveniently anytime and anywhere. Message notifications of your phone, like phone calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, wechat, etc. can be received by your watch when your phone is not on hand, so that you don't need to worry about missing your messages anymore.
    Meanwhile, the data of your workouts status, fitness goals, health indicators will also be synchronously displayed in the customized app on your phone to provide you with a clear view.

    Personalized Watch Faces
    Qibla Watch provides a variety of watch faces for you to choose, within the watch or from the watch face market in Qibla App. You can customize your own style to fit with different days, different moods, or different outfit anytime, anywhere.

    IP68 Water Resistant
    IP68 water-resistant design prevents dust, sweat or water from splashing effectively and meets daily water-resistant needs.

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  • 1. Is this watch for man?
    This watch can be used by men and women

    2. Can I receive text messages from an iphone?
    you can receive text and phone calls, just not reply or answer without the phone nearby. Nice feature with phone is, you can reject the call from the watch. It needs to be close enough to the phone since it’s bluetooth. It will not do it if it’s not connected to the phone.


  • Now get set up in 4 easy steps:

    1. Download and lof in to the iQibla App
    2. Wake you iQibla Watch up
    3. Start setup
    4. Get going on your goal


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