Ramadan Activity - مسابقة رمضان

Ramadan Activity - مسابقة رمضان

1. Activity rules:

 Activity time: The activity time is divided into three rounds and there are multiple prizes for each round

First round time: 11/3/2024 – 20/3/2024

Second round time: 21/3/2024 -30/3/2024

Third round time: 31/3/2024 – 9/4/2024

 2. How to participate in the Activity:

 Complete the three main tasks:

  • Check-in by entering the activity page in iQIBLA Life APP.
  • Make Zikr 100 times with ten different Azkar through the application
  • Share daily Azkar on social media.

 * To participate in the round prize draw, need to complete the three daily tasks 8 days at least in every ten days of each round.


3. Receiving prizes 

  • Winning users can check their prizes on the activity details page or in their email registered in iQIBLA Life APP.
  • Prizes can be obtained by using the product 's 100% discount coupon or by taking advantage of other existing discounts which can be used directly on www.iqibla.com.
  • The discount coupon is valid once for a period of 3 months after the prize is drawn and will expire if it is missed.

 4. Award categories

 1. The first round:

  • Prayer Mat
  • Zikr Ring Noor
  • 30% off coupon on the full series of products.

 2. The second round:

  • Zikr Ring Jood (with charging case)
  • Qwatch
  • Qphone
  • 50% off coupon for the full series of products.

 3. The third round:

  • Zikr Ring Premium
  • Qwatch Kids
  • 70% off coupon on the full series of products.

iQIBLA reserves all rights for final explanation.

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